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Well, a few developments since my last post...

We've actually found a local childminder who charges a whole pound an hour less than the other one (and she lives nearer), which totals a saving of £200 a month, which means it will actually make my working for a living worthwhile. Yeay! So, we signed on the dotted line one week ago. Also, it turned out I had actually met her before, as she is a friend of another local mum I know. And this local mum I know has prasied her to the hilt (she used to use her herself for her kiddies). So that's a BIG load off my mind. The bad news is that I've got my work diary dates for the autumn and I'm working through the evening on FW's 1st birthday...POO! AND the evening after. Still, we're going to have a big-ish family knees-up the following Saturday, so hopefully that can make up for it, especially as he won't really realise the difference at this age.

FW has got a tooth coming through! At eight months old, a whole two and a half months earlier that GF was when his first tooth came through. He's also absolutely desperate to crawl, and he's not far off achieving it. GF was eleven months before he managed it! Still, they say the second child tends to reach certain milestones earlier due to aspiring to be like their older sibling. It's certainly true that FW adores GF, despite the increased amount of rough handling he's been on the receiving end of. Now that FW is a big, burly, upsitting baby with loads of hair, GF seems to assume he's therefore ready for a bit of boyish rough-and-tumble, poor lad.

GF finished at his preschool last Wednesday, after having started last September. I mean that's just too freaky for words. Where DID the time go? They had a leaving party with the usual bouncy castle, facepainting, consuming loads of e-numbers at long tables malarkey, and it actually felt quite emotional. GF took it all in his stride sooner than the headteacher's leaving speech had finished, he loudly declared that he wanted to go to the "big nursery", and when was September coming?! I collected his uniform for "big nursery" the other week and I just know I'm going to well up when I first see him in it. A lot of name tags to be sewn on in the meantime though... I the only desperate housewife (or desperate anything for that matter) to have developed a crush on Matthew Wright (off of 'The Wright Stuff')?! Maybe I've just been watching too much daytime telly. Better him than Jeremy Kyle though, you have to admit...
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