Keep your hair on (or not, as the case may be)!

Hey, for all you ladies suffering from Nattercon withdrawal symptoms, here's a little Lewis nugget I happened upon in the other week's Radio Times:

ON THIS DAY...16 years ago

4 May 1992

ITV got an all-star cast for its new murder mystery
Cluedo, and two of them opened up to RT about their career conundrums. Lewis Collins grouched a bit about The Professionals: "Martin Shaw is having a lot of trouble with typecasting too - he's very much into being Dustin Hoffman, as I was, but I've got a bit jaded."  [There's a bit about Lysette Anthony here, but I took the liberty of assuming you lot wouldn't be that interested].

Dustin Hoffman?! Martin, you should be so lucky dear! (*ducks missiles*). Only joking, of course.

In other news, I've just had half me barnet chopped off! Yes, I am now the proud wearer of a short bob and, my, has it made life easier. So much quicker to wash and dry, no more faffing about wondering whether to wear it up or down, no having Baby FW grab great big chunkfuls of it with an iron grip and, of course, stuff it straight into his mouth. And it makes me feel more grown up for some reason, which is just as well, as I turn 35 fairly soon and had been thinking I couldn't keep going around with the same hairstyle I've had since I was 24. Plus, if my parents and sisters are anything to go by, the first grey hairs should be sprouting soon and keeping 'em dyed brunette will be so much less maintenance if they're shorter.

Pic to follow as soon as a decent and flattering one shows up (so you could have a long wait)!
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We're The Sweeney an we 'aven't 'ad any dinner...

I'm SO enjoying those Sweeney repeats on ITV3 at the moment. 1970s London: you just can't beat it. And the dialogue is just priceless...this line from Carter at the end of Saturday's ep, 'Sweet Smell of Succession':

"'e'll be alright, nightclub and Champers up west, leg-over at 'er place..." 

Pure gold.

Funny enough, the actor who plays the character to whom Carter is referring is Hywell Bennett, who also stars in a fab 1960s Brit film called 'The Family Way', which I had finally got  'round to buying on DVD only a few days earlier, as they never seem to show it on telly anymore. (I was particularly amused to read on Hywell's Wiki entry that his Dad was called Gordon - or could that be those Wiki vandals striking again?!).
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Wood you believe...

...that me and the old man (er, well actually he's younger than me) celebrated five years of marriage today, our 'Wooden' anniversary! We had our parents and some rellies round for tea, cakes and Champers on what has been the hottest day of the year so far and it was so lovely to sit out in the garden for the first time in seven months. We did however have our wedding DVD on continuous play in the front room for those seeking shade (lucky people! Well, my sister was glued to it...).

And we got some top pressies...the Mum-In-Law made a 'wooden' treasure chest cake (see below) and my Mum and Dad bought us a rather fab and funky wooden wind-chime for the garden (also see below).

Still, five years eh? You get less (considerably less!) for murder these days, etc etc...
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I'm a failure! (said in Frank Spencer voice)

I felt like a right doofus t'other night when J pointed out that perhaps the reason that our bottle steriliser wasn't working was 'cause I had switched it on without putting any water into it first. The smell of burning babies' bottles had given it away. Doh! Ah well, we were going to get shot of it in a few weeks anyway, when baby FW turns 6 months old. We're certainly not going to shell out for a new one now, so I'll just have to be extra scrupulous with with my manual bottle washing. He's reaching out for just about anything and everything and putting it in his mouth nowadays (the baby, not the husband), so what's the point of sterilising anyway? Build up his immune system, I say!

Oh, and J went to the hairdreser's this morning, his first proper hairdresser haircut since he started letting me loose on his barnet with one of those DIY clipper kit thingies ages ago. And what do you think the coiffeuse said? 

"If the person who cut your hair last was qualified, I'd have them shot!!"

Well, I suppose, as J kindly pointed out, at least she specified  "qualifed"... 

White weddings

Last Friday my in-laws celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary. We spent the afternoon at theirs, drinking bubbly, eating cake and lapping up some rays in the garden on what was apparently the hottest day of the year so far. Funny thing is, on their actual wedding day on 4th April 1964, it snowed and became the coldest April day for 80 years.

On Sunday (2 days later), we went to the wedding of one of J's old work colleagues. And guess what - it was snowing. The bride, though she looked lovely, wore a strapless dress and looked like she was going to catch her death! All the guests had to assemble outside for photos and got all goose-pimply (especially us ladies), as of course we were all dressed for what we perhaps over-optimistically assumed would be a Spring wedding, and couldn't wait to scuttle back inside to the log fire. 

But then...during the wedding breakfast, the sun came out, melted all the snow and poured in through the large Georgian windows of the venue. Everybody felt rather warm and were casting jackets and cardis aside. 

J and I got married in April (on 26th) five years ago and we had a lovely, sunny, dry and mild day in what apparently turned out to be the sunniest April since 1949. I spent my Hen Weekend in Bournemouth over 4th/5th/6th April and it was so sunny and warm that we were paddling in the sea! 

The strange mistress that is the British weather never ceases to amaze me...

Writer's Block: Where in the World...

In a big, preferably Art Deco or 1960s, house with some land in a wealthy stockbroker belt to the north west of London (Herts or Bucks) just pottering around, doing crafty things, going shopping and lunching, hosting get-togethers for friends and family...and being there for my children withoug having to worry about the work/home/childcare juggling act. Oh, and I would employ staff (living out I think) to ensure that I would never have to clean or do any gardening ever again!
If you were independently wealthy, where in the world would you live and how would you spend your time?

Wetting the baby's head...and some!

Just looking in to report that Frankie's Christening took place on Easter Sunday - in the snow - after J and I had stayed up 'til 1am the night before making sandwiches for the party. We produced SIXTEEN foil platters of sarnies in 4 hours. Not bad going! And we still ended up with 3 full platters left at the end, not to mention surplus industrial amounts of cheese slices, ham slices, beef slices, mozarella, tomatoes, horseradish sauce and French mustard.

Tip: when catering for a party of 60 or so guests, only actually buy and make about one sixth of whatever you think you will need!

Oh, and we're also left with 4 boxes of Pinot Grigio, 2 boxes of Cabernet Sauvignon, 45 bottles of Kronenbourg 1664 and six bottles of bubbly, all neatly stacked under our breakfast bar. But I daresay we'll work our way through those ;) And no, we most certainly did not cram 60 people into our house - our local community hall did very nicely (and a snip at £75 for the day)!

Although loads couldn't make it due to having other plans for the Easter weekend (and then a few of the flakier ones cried off at the last minute because of the snow), it was lovely to see those friends and family who could make it, one of whom we realised we hadn't seen for 4 years (WTF?), plus also to welcome some of the newer friends we've made since moving here, and their kids who are at pre-school with G. Oh, and the vicar who performed the ceremony, who is actually our next-door-but-one-neighbour! J was also chuffed to bits when his work colleague turned up with the present of a full Arsenal strip for F, complete with socks!

Although F was a bit under the weather on the day, he stayed characteristically chipper and didn't cry or whinge once. He clearly didn't want to miss out on anything either, as he didn't go to sleep 'til 5pm.

Here's to FW!!!


From CBeebies to LWT

 :: door creaks open again ::  

hello again

Not done owt interesting lately, hence the lack of posts. Just caught up in that parallel existence of wall-to-wall CBeebies and mopping up wee, poo and possett for a living. But the boys are divine (most of the time) and both asleep for 12 hours from 8pm, so can't really complain.

Oh, one thing I can report...I walked past 'Bootsy Brogan's' pub in Wembley last Friday, a.k.a. 'The Chequered Flag' in Wild Justice. This was en route to taking G to a soft play centre at none other than Vale Farm Sports Centre in Wembley, as featured at the beginning of 'Rogue' (notable for Martin falling over - unintentionally by the look of things - and the glimpse we get of the waistband of Lew's undies)! Both places were reassuringly intact, prompting me to wonder whether we're all due another Pros Greater London Locations Tour sometime soon...

It's little me again!

:Sound of door creaking open:


Just wanted to reassure you all that I'm still alive. I just kind of slipped out of the LJ habit for a few weeks, then the longer it got, the more difficult it was to get back in. Maybe it's late winter lethargy...maybe preoccupation with organising F's Christening...maybe I've just been a lazy cow. But anyway, here I am, and although I may slip away now and again, I'll always come back (worse luck for you lot)!

I haven't yet mustered the will or energy to read back over all the posts I've missed (so I am a lazy cow then), so apologies if I haven't responded to any major announcements or particularly heartfelt or amusing posts.

DID I miss anything exciting...?

((HUGS)) and air-kisses to all my f-list xxx

Growing pains

*Sigh* baby F is growing fast. He outgrew his 0-3 months baby clothes over a month ago (at one month old), and although he doesn't turn 3 months for another fortnight, some of the 3-6 month clothes he is already wearing - particularly anything with legs - don't look like they'll do him for much longer either. I had been piling up the outgrown babygros, the fleece snowsuit we brought him home from hospital in (which used to be G's) and other items on a little chair in his bedroom, knowing they were no use anymore and starting to clutter up the place, and yet not being quite ready to part with them. It doesn't seem like any time ago since I was excitedly buying those babygros during a little skive from work after an ante natal appointment, knowing this time that I was having a boy, and packing them lovingly into my hospital bag. When G was outgrowing his baby clothes, it was simple; we knew we planned to have another child, so we kept everything and stored it carefully away. Therefore I suppose this feels so hard because letting go of the baby items really means having to let go of a very happy and important chapter of my - our -  life: Having Babies. Not that I particularly want another baby or think it would be a good idea to have one given our financial situation, the size of our house, my advancing age and the sheer hard work of it all, but it still feels sad to think that I won't, if that makes any sort of sense.

So I left the Help The Aged collection bag at the end of the drive this morning with a heavy heart, but I forced myself to do it nonetheless. I found myself particularly anxious that it would be picked up by the crooks that often intercept these things before the charity manages to collect ('couldn't handle the thought of all the love in that bag ending up in their filthy, greedy hands), but was relieved to see a bona fide 'Help The Aged' van in the neighbourhood on my way to take G to preschool. On getting home, the bag was gone and a little Thank You slip was on the doormat. And you know what? I felt tonnes better and knew I'd done the right thing. Hopefully that means that all this letting go business gets easier the more you do it...

Anyways, on the subject on my boys, thought you F-listers might like to see how they're coming along...
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